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Motor Movers can usually be fitted on the same day

If you would like a Mover fitted to your Caravan please fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page with information regarding the mover that you require and to arrange a suitable fitting time

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What is a Caravan Motor Mover?

A Caravan Motor Mover (often referred to as just a Caravan Mover) is a drive system consisting of two or four electric driving rollers that engage with the tyres of the caravan enabling you to manoeuvre it remotely when performing tasks such as moving around a storage area, positioning the caravan for hitching up or placing on a site.

Advantages of Motor Movers

- The ability to manoeuvre your caravan into awkward spaces, with as little as a few mm clearance. This is particularly useful in a storage situation or on a residential driveway where space may be at a premium
- Move your caravan on rough terrain or soft ground where it may have become stuck and a car may struggle to pull it out.
- Leave your caravan in the exact place that you want even on a gradient such as your driveway without requiring assistance from anybody else
- You can walk around your caravan whilst moving it, giving you a perfect view of any obstacles that may be in the way.
- You are always in complete control of the caravan via the remote, as when you stop pressing buttons that caravan will also stop.
- Motor Movers can be relatively easily removed from your caravan, so if you are upgrading your van then you won’t necessarily need to upgrade your mover, as long as it fits the specifications of the new caravan, which makes a mover a good long term investment. If you are upgrading from a single axle to a twin axle caravan then you will need to upgrade your caravan mover. If you would like a quote for trading in a motor mover then please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Considerations When Choosing a Motor Mover

The Weight of your Caravan plus the Mover – Your motor mover will be attached to your caravan at all times so it is important that you take the weight of the mover into account when calculating your overall payload. It is estimated that the payload of a couple traveling is 150kg; if your caravan’s allowable payload is 200kg then you should be fine with any mover on the market as the weights range from around 25kg – 40kg. However, it is important to bear the weight of the mover in mind when traveling to ensure that you are not exceeding your overall payload, perhaps visit a weighbridge once the mover is fitted for an accurate measurement.

Ground Clearance – The importance of being fully aware of the ground clearance that your caravan has can’t be underestimated, The vast majority of movers reduce the ground clearance of your caravan but by how much is down to a number of variables, most notably the method that is used to fit the mover to the chassis, and this varies from caravan to caravan depending on wheel size and other factors. It is difficult to estimate the exact ground clearance of you caravan once the motor mover is fitted, we can however, tell you the maximum depth the mover will hang below the chassis at the point of attachment so you will be able to work out how much ground clearance you have left. For more information regarding ground clearance please fill in the form at the bottom of the page or give us a call on 01229 584712

Manual or Automatic Engagement – When you are ready to use your motor mover the drive rollers have to be engaged on to the caravan wheels, most manufacturers offer a manual or an automatic engagement system and which one you choose is mainly dependent on your personal preference or needs. The most common and cheapest manual engagement system uses a screw wind on action, this method requires the operator to ensure that the mover is engaged or disengaged, most manual systems also offer the facility to engage rollers on both sides of the caravan whilst only operating from one side, this would be an essential feature if you were storing a caravan close to a wall, however, if you do wish to use this facility the drawbacks are that it does take some extra effort and also a cross actuation bar would need to be fitted, which will add to the overall payload of the caravan. Perhaps an automatic electronic mover may be a better alternative if this is a feature that you require and also if you have mobility difficulties or if you just do not wish to engage the mover manually.

Restrictions of All Wheel Drive Movers (4 Motors) – When fitting an all wheel drive motor mover the function of spare wheel carrier may be interfered with because a mover has to be fitted both in front of and behind the axle, however this can basically be rectified by removing the spare wheel carrier and storing the spare wheel within the caravan but you will be advised about this by our Service Centre staff if you get it fitted by us, Single and twin axle movers shouldn’t interfere with the spare wheel carrier.

Warranty - Powrtouch offer a 5 year warranty with all of their motor movers, Reich offer a 3 year warranty.

Using your Motor Mover – Always remember to take the handbrake off before using you mover and put the handbrake back on before disengaging the rollers unless you have chocked the wheels or you are completely satisfied the ground is flat. Although operating your mover via remote control is effortless, it is important to be vigilant of any obstructions on the ground that could damage your jockey wheel. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintaining your motor mover, although if fitted by us our Service Centre staff will ensure that you are aware of such instructions.

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